People & Place

The people of Flowerland all come from life experiences which ultimately drew us to plants.  We all care deeply about our customers! We get excited about plant and pest identification, can get you started on garden visions, and love to share what we know.  Some of what we know we learn from our customers too.  We value an environment that cultivates community and trying new things based on the tried and true.  Some of us have been here awhile, some are newer to the crew. All of us love our creative work together.


Our History

Flowerland the place has a long history.  John and Gordon Courtwright built and opened the nursery in 1947 before starting East Bay Nursery. Bob Willson, who was born and raised in Albany, remembers coming in to buy flowers as a 10 year-old with his mother. In 1976 Bob “came in to buy seeds and bought a nursery.”  He shadowed John to learn the business and to learn “a pansy from a petunia.”  Bob saw lots of changes along Solano Ave. over the years.  He was known for his friendly, helpful demeanor, and his respect and love of children.  The nursery flourished.  His wife Fran became an expert in pest i.d. and later a newsletter writer for local nurseries. In 2008 Bob retired and Flowerland opened a new chapter when local Carly Dennett became the owner.  Flowerland continues the tradition, started so many decades ago, of being a place for neighbors to gather and grow with their beautiful gardens.