Decor + Gifts

The Flowerland shop is a curated selection of home goods, books, cards, garden supplies, seeds, ceramics, jewelry, art, glassware, and houseplants. We are retailers of the French furniture brand Fermob, known for its 130 year old design sense, color pallet and high quality material.  We are a local favorite for all occasion gift buying.  We travel to find what’s new and in line with our modern-cottage aesthetic.

Flowerland is arranged to remind us of the ways the inside can spill out, as we dine and dwell in nature; and the ways the outside can spill in, growing plants in the home, keeping us connected and healthy. We can help you make houseplant choices that are right for you. We can help you find the perfect gift. We love discovering with you and we would love to hear how your own space is changing.